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What Sets Us Apart

At Bluffton Orthodontics, we are committed to making your journey to a beautiful smile one that you’ll not only welcome, but embrace.

Our commitment to an enjoyable and fun journey, in fact, is evident in everything that we do – from the minute you step into our exciting “On Deck” waiting room arcade, right through your visits that will leave you, well, smiling.

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Garrison has treated thousands of patients, and knows that each case — and each smile — is unique. By taking the time to truly listen to our patients and their vision for their new smiles, we can identify which treatment option is best for each individual patient. We know it’s a journey … and we’re with you every step of the way to provide the spectacular results, and positive office experience, that we know patients today are looking for in an orthodontic practice.

Here’s just some of what sets Bluffton Orthodontics apart … and why your journey with us is unlike anything you’ll experience elsewhere:

  • Decades of experience, more than 10,000 sets of braces … and more than 10,000 beautiful, healthy – and happy — new smiles!
  • Personalized, attentive care of one orthodontist ensures consistency of care throughout your journey
  • Innovative technology,  including CareStream3600 intraoral scans, which makes taking impressions faster and easier (and reduces the need for traditional impressions)  by creating highly accurate digital 3-D scans.  We also offer a full range of digital xrays and the most modern orthodontic appliances — leading to the most accurate diagnosis, efficient treatment … and spectacular results.
  • Special Arcade “On Deck” Waiting Room Area features favorite arcade games for children (and adults) of all ages … providing a kid-friendly environment that patients look forward to visiting.
  • Convenient location and hours – centrally located in Buckwalter Place, right next door to Station 300 (with plenty of parking.)
  • Relaxing environment for all – where patients are truly treated like family, and treated with compassion and integrity throughout the entire journey
  • Forever Gold braces is exclusively sold at Bluffton Orthodontics. The bracket’s light gold finish blends beautifully with teeth. Receive the durability of stainless steel with aesthetics that rival ceramic brackets.