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Wearing Braces

Your Awesome Life with Braces

Braces for kids in Bluffton are not as complicated as most people think; all it takes is patience and discipline.

Once your braces are on, it’s important to care for them properly – both as soon as you get them on, as well as throughout your entire journey of your orthodontic treatment. While living with braces does take a little getting used to, once you make some easy adjustments to your daily life you’ll find that taking care of your braces is easy … and will be worth it once you see your amazing new smile!

Here are some tips about things you’ll have to do a little differently during your orthodontic treatment … and things to remember along your journey with us:

Eating with Braces
Loose Teeth
Playing Sports with Braces
Soreness Caused from Braces and Appliances
lady brushing her teeth
Brushing and Flossing
Taking Care of Your Appliances
Loose Wires and Bands
Types of Appliances
Emergency Care